About Us

While the group has changed over 40 years, it's foundation remains the same:

A place of understanding, friendship, sharing of knowledge and acknowledging the importance that smiling and enjoying oneself has in the recovery process.

In 2010, we focused on the number of younger survivors. The number of which is now in the majority over the older adults having strokes. We worked off the same foundation as the CFSC has always been. The younger group has integrated into the Stroke club as it exists.

We meet once each month at an easily accessible location just outside downtown Orlando. We also get together once a month, at a Maitland restaurant, to share a lunch. Once each summer we gather for a picnic, and each December we celebrate the holidays together at a luncheon party.

Most of all, we are there for each other, if and when needed. We know through experience that the arrival of a stroke in a family can turn life upside down. We’ve all made it through that initial onslaught, with the help of the friendship and support of other caring people. And we continue to draw on those resources — and offer them — whenever they are needed.

We invite you to join us

This Campaign has ended. No more pledges can be made.